Rinjani Trekking Fishing


Nipah Beach Fishing Area

Nipah Beach Night Fishing, Casting or Deep Fishing is still on the same way to the part of Lombok, Nipah, similar of its neighboring bay like Malimbu and Pandanan over viewing the 3 famous gili islands to the north as its background is a perfect place for fishing. The depth

kuta lombok

Lombok Kuta Tour

The best known place on the south coast is Lombok’s Kuta ( often spelt Kute ), a magnificent stretch of white sand and turquoise sea with rugged hills rising around it. Then , take a respite to sample some food of luncheon at local restaurant here. After this, we are

Gili Islands Diving Package

Gili Islands Diving Packages is a professional organized dive master of Standard Dive or Fund Dive Package and Stay at Gili Trawangan on room. The bungalows are air conditioned with hot water. Its includes continental breakfast. The dive and stay packages include 2 day-time boat dives per day and return