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Senggigi – Lombok Cars Rental/Hire With Or Without Driver

Welcome to Lombok. We, from Rinjani Trek Tour And Travel would like to offer you various car rental tariff based on the vehicle type on Lombok island and beyond namely: Lombok rent car, Sumbawa Rent car, Bali rent Car, Flores Rent car etc. Herewith, Lombok Car rental tariff with Self drive ( without driver ) or with driver as follow:

Senggigi car rental tariff with a driver on Lombok Island valid until 31 December 2013

Type Cars’ Photos Price in
USD$ per Day
Type Cars’ Photos Price in
USD$ per Day
Innova $85/D Apv $85/D
Kijanglgx $75/D Jazz $85/D
Xenia $65/D Karimun $85/D
Avanza $65/D Kijang $85/D
Note : rent car without driver will be subtracted USD $ 5 per car per day
Type Motorbike Price Type Motorbike Price
Tiger $ 22 Supra X 125 cc $ 15
Supra X 110 cc $ 15 Bicycle

$ 10

Senggigi Cars Rental Agreement

Senggigi Car Rental Requisites On Lombok Island:

  • Renter must own valid driving license. We have local licenses too like: Sim A, A public, B1, B1 public.
  • The renter agrees to return the car on expiration term to which the ground state of the designated car as beforehand.
  • Renter shall not object to pay some fine of the dilatory of returning the car beyond expiration period that is USD$ 6 per hour
  • Renter shall not object to indemnify upon reparation cost, if bad accident to happen to which 50% of the car’s body damaged that is USD$ 350 imposed cost.
  • Renter shall not object to pay cancellation fee that is 50% of total rental cost and that is agreed upon by two sides in advance when the contract is made.
  • Renter shall not object to pay 50% DP in advance and pay the rest as POA ( Pay On Arrival ) as soon as your arrival on Lombok island.
  • In case, for an extension rental time, Renter must be obliged to inform the baser at least a day before its due expiration date.
  • Renter shall not object to leave their legal and valid identity ( passport and card ) to the baser ‘s office as a temporary binding agreement.

How to make reservation!

The first step is to inform us your detail name, total participant, and time schedule prior to your coming to Lombok island via our email address, text or facsimile. Then, we will pick you up at Lombok airport upon your arrival on Lombok and transfer to your hotel around Lombok.

For Further Information and reservation, please contact us