About Us

Map of Lombok Island

Lombok Day Tour And Travel is a company tour agent that has been established since 1980 is a guiding proxy of discovering and exploring the island of Lombok and beyond. It has been set up by young and energetic men based on their idealism of coalescing it into “ Rinjani Trekking Team“ that is a popular mascot now days and as a trade mark warranty entrenched that idea.

Rinjani Trek Team which main domain is in traveling and trekking adventure will serve our guests through our demonstrated and tested capacity over the years passed.
Rinjani Trek which is also known as Rinjani Trekking or Trekking To Lombok is a partner of trekkers or non trekkers from all over the globe to realize your dream in traveling and trekking adventure on Lombok Indonesia.

Well, at last, it is only in your hand that all the decision will be placed upon and we, from Lombok Day Tour And Travel is an only facility to meet those demands to being transformed into a reality.

Finally, our last word is let’s venture the beauty nature of Lombok Island at least once in your lifetime.