Gili Meno

Gili Meno only a kilometre from Gili Trawangan and set in the middle of the three gili islands. Only two kilometres long and one wide, Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands and by far the most peaceful. It’s possible to walk around the island along the beach or paths of Gili Meno in under two hours. Most visitors are attracted to Gili Meno for the lure of total escapism and it is therefore very popular with honeymooning couples and adventurous castaway types. The dining scene is predominantly local cafes with grilled fish on the beach as dusk approaches.

Lazing around in a hammock, reading books and playing chess with the friendly locals also ranks very highly on the daily Meno agenda. For divers and snorkelers, the island boasts the infamous ‘Gili Meno Wall‘ where during the day turtles freely swim by and giant gorgonian fans hang amongst the colourful corals. At night divers can witness huge Moray Eels and the entertaining Spanish Dancers, baby cuttlefish and a whole array of crustaceans. Gili Meno is a romantic and calmly place, best place for those who need a quiet or doing honeymoon, do a tropical beach-combing or book reading.There are some recommendation things to do in Gili Meno

Sun-BathingThere are not too many activities to do on Gili Meno, which is become a part of its magnetism. Those who simply cannot refrain from some of activity will find the perfect for sun-bathing on the clear water-beach for a morning or afternoon.

Turtle Sanctuary

The Turtle Sanctuary plays an important role in protecting and hatching baby turtles for release into the Gili waters. Small donations are welcome to this worthwhile cause.

How to get to Gili Meno ?

You could use public boat cost around IDR 15.000/oneway from Bangsal Harbor to Gili Air if you come from Bali you also could book public Fast Boat which cost around IDR 870.000/oneway.

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