Bat Cave

The Bat Cave, also known as Bangkang Cave is a small system of caves on the hillside behind Kuta Lombok. The Bat Cave now became more popular among the travelers. It is a cool spot to check out, especially if you’re on the way to the South Beach in Kuta area.

The Bat Cave takes around 10 minutes from the tourist area in Kuta, Lombok. Most of the traveler came here use a scooter. You can enjoy the scenery along the street. It also become great experience scooter ride in Indonesia. The easiest way to get there is follow Google Maps and type “Goa Bangkang Prabu” and keep an eye for a small wooden sign on the left side.

There are three different bat caves there, and it is one of the best reasons to put on your travel list. The first is called Goa Bangkang Prabu, the second is Goa Puwun (or Mystical Neverland) and the third is Goa Sumur. You will find it around the same area and of course with thousand bats inside the caves.

The Bat Cave cost IDR. 25.000 for the Bangkang Cave include for the local guide. While for the Mystical Neverland is IDR 60.000 Once you are arrived, you’ll be greeted by friendly local guides who are immediately honest about the entry price.

The first cavern is a tall and wide cave that leads into smaller, narrower tunnels that are shut off to the public. You will find thousands bats inside the cave. Be careful walking under the bats. There are also bugs and cockroaches everywhere on the cave floor.

The best time to visit the Bat Caves will depend on what you want to see. But if we cand recommend you best time to get the spectacular light rays tend to occur is around 4-5 pm. While for the Mystical Neverland cave is around the midday. You might be also found the Bat Caves are playing around the sunset time for hunt.

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