Big Tree Sambelia

Big Tree Sambelia

Big Tree Sambelia

East Lombok, it turns out not only has the charm of the natural beauty of the sea in Gili Kondo, Gili Petagan and Gili Kapal. It’s lush natural land also has its own unique beauty charm.

A Village in Pringgabaya District, you can find a giant tree that is estimated already there since hundreds years. The root of the tree itself is estimated to be about 170 cm.

People call it the Ancient Lian Tree “Pohon Purba Lian”. This place nowdays became a tourist attraction. These old trees are rare and must be preserved.

You can start your journey from Mataram city by car, drive about 2 – 2.5 hours to reach this place.

To get into this attraction you will be charged parking fee of about IDR 10.000. You are allowed also if you would like to add some money for donation to the nature conservation.

All you can do in this site are just taking picture as much as you want. You can capture unique moments in the mid of giant trees, make it feel like you are in Jurrasic Park, only they don’t have a Dinosaur.

They provide Lombok “Berugak” if you want to take a rest and you can order to enjoy a cup of Lombok Coffee.

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