Gili Pasir

Unlike Gili Trawangan, which can be lived in, Gili Pasir is a white sand dune. This white sand dune can only be visited by boat when the water is receding. Because when the volume of sea water is low, Gili Pasir will appear. The size is only like a few rice fields. But this tourist spot can rarely be found elsewhere.

What is also most often done by tourists when visiting Gili, for example Gili Trawangan is snorkeling. Because the beauty of the existing marine life is so enchanting at this Lombok snorkeling spot. Actually on Gili Pasir, this activity is also fun to enjoy. But sea urchins are so numerous that it is very dangerous to do so. So it is not allowed to snorkel at this location. You will find many starfish here.When the water has receded and this sand island appears, it will be scattered with sea stars on it. When else can find this uniqueness. So anyone who visits here must take advantage of the moment by taking pictures holding a starfish. The view from the corner of the sand island is also enchanting to be used as a background photo.

Although the surface of the sand island that arises during low tide is only as big as a few rice fields, there are also still shallow mounds around it that are somewhat submerged. So the tourists who walk on this shallow sand dune look like they are walking on water.

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