Gili Sudak

Gili Sudak Island is a small island located in West Lombok, close to the Sekotong beach. This is a desert-island getaway travel destination marked by the loveliness of its underwater scenery. One of tourist attraction in Lombok is the Lombok Culinary. The guest could try the traditional food and International food in Lombok which is dominantly with spacy food.

One of the best recommendation place to have culinary is in Gili Sudak. Lunch in Gili Sudak with seafood and traditional food is the most memorable thing. Once you get over with snorkeling you could try the local food there.

Best time to visit is in the morning, you feel the freshness and you will meet with a group of fish. Bring also bread to feeding the fish. You could stop at local market way to the Gili Sudak.

It is open daily, but before coming be prepare for your personal expenses, the rent boat is usually include with the snorkeling gear.

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