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Those visiting the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, may want to drop by the West Nusa Tenggara’s Islamic Center, which serves as one of the province’s main religious destinations.The center is home to the Hubbul Wathan Grand Mosque and four towers, including the 99-meter-tall Asmaul Husna Tower.

Other than worshippers, around 200 domestic and foreign tourists, who are mostly from Malaysia and vacationing in Lombok, reportedly come to the place every day to pray. An elevator is provided for visitors to go to the top of the tower with a fee of Rp 5,000 (50 US cents) and Rp 10,000 for domestic and foreign tourists, respectively.

Muslim and non-Muslim visitors are allowed to enter Hubbul Wathan Grand Mosque on the second floor, but are required to don’t a cloak-like outfit to cover certain parts of the body from public view. Meanwhile, the third floor will be prepared as a tourist zone with all kinds of information. “A dedicated elevator has been prepared,” said Sulaiman.

The 7.47-hectare West Nusa Tenggara’s Islamic Center complex that has been open to the public since Dec. 16, 2016, also features photographs of mosques from all around the villages in Lombok, also known as the Island of a Thousand Mosques.

Built by the West Nusa Tenggara’s provincial administration, the place also hosts a display room, an educational complex and an Islamic study center at the Attaqwa Grand Mosque.

Meanwhile, the 99-meter-tall Asmaul Husna Tower, which was inaugurated by West Nusa Tenggaras Governor Muhammad Zainul Majdi in 2013, serves as a perfect location to conveniently view the entire Mataram city.

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