Mandalika Beach

Mandalika is home to some of Indonesia’s most beautiful white-sand beaches including Tanjung Aan, Serenting, Gerupuk and Seger Beach — each offering something different for visitors to enjoy and experience.The main beach is Mandalika’s Kuta Beach that spans over 7 km and it is where all the major activities take place — swimming, wake boarding and all sorts of fun water sports. If you’re one who prefers a peaceful and serene setting, head down to Serenting Beach.

Gerupuk Beach on the other hand is perfect for fishing, swimming and surfing — especially loved for its challenging waves. You can also hike the hills to check out Mandalika from a different vantage point. Head over to Merese Hill for a much more challenging yet rewarding trail especially during sunrise (the sunset crowd may be a little too much for most people). Start your expedition at about 4.00am and the morning light will leave you holding your breath as you gaze into the azure Indian Ocean.

But if you have time for only one beach, we’d recommend going to Seger Beach for the best of both worlds — marvel the gorgeous natural phenomenon and immerse in the one of a kind cultural experience. The vibrant Bau Nyale Festival is held annually on the last week of February, when people flock to catch the appearance of Nyale sea worms in the first light of day. It is said that a successful catch promises good fortune, but the festival is not just about scooping some sea worms out of the water. The weeklong festivity also includes surfing competitions, creative dialogues, a culinary expo and a photography contest.

While you’re at Seger Beach, look for Princess Mandalika — a local legend in Lombok that is perpetualised in a form of a statue along the beach.

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