Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach Kuta Lombok is one of the most picturesque beaches that you’ll find on the Indonesia island of Lombok. Also known as Pantai Mawun, this beach is a wide bay of white sand that drops into deep, protected turquoise waters.For those looking for an epic beach to escape the madness of Kuta Lombok, grab your two wheels and head over to Mawun Beach Kuta Lombok!

Mawun Beach is located approximately 20 minutes from the heart of Kuta Lombok. The best way to get here is to rent a motorbike in Kuta Lombok and ride here yourself. We paid IDR 50.000 per day for a good scooter from the friendly owner of our homestay.

The best way to find Mawun Beach is to simply enter “Pantai Mawun” or “Mawun Beach” in Google Maps, and let Google direct you there.

In terms of clear Kuta Lombok to Mawun Beach directions, you’ll just need to begin riding on Jl. Mawun, which you’ll find at the intersection next to The Living Room Hostel, on the main restaurant strip of Kuta Lombok. This sealed road is fairly well maintained with only a few potholes to avoid.

From here, continue up the windy mountain roads, passing some viewpoints stops and the Kuta Lombok bat cave (Bangkang Cave), before descending down to sea level where you’ll see a small sign pointing to Mawun Beach.

Just like most of the beaches in the area, Mawun Beach Kuta Lombok does require a small entry fee of 10.000 IDR per motorbike. This is pretty standard across the board.

When you arrive, you’ll have a couple of choices of where to leave your motorbike. Find a shady spot and walk down to the sandy beach. There are a few warungs that will happily let you park your motorbike for free since you’ve already paid 10.000 IDR entry fee.

Pantai Mawun is a wide bay with deep blue water that is perfect for swimming. Since the bay is quite protected by the headlands, there is little swell in the middle. However, there is still a spot for surfing on the eastern point (more on this later).I was honestly shocked at how empty Mawun Beach was. Besides a few children selling bracelets and some older local ladies working at the warungs, I was the only soul on the beach.In fact, I found this to be my general experience as I traveled Lombok. As soon as we got no less than 5 minutes from the main beat, the entire island opened up to a raw, local travel experience.

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