Narmada Park

Positioned 10 kilometres east of the centre of Mataram, Taman Narmada is one of Lombok’s top public spaces and tourist attractions.

Built by King Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1727, the design of Taman Narmada was created in homage to the summit of Gunung Rinjani and features Pura Kesala (a Balinese Hindu temple), tiered gardens and a holy spring, believed to bring eternal youth to those who are devout to Lord Shiva.

Surrounded by rice paddies, forest and a lake, Taman Narmada also has a swimming pool and a zip line available to guests. The landscaping of the large park is impeccable and worth a visit for anyone heading to Lombok.

It is open 8 am – 5 pm 7 daily. You need pay IDR 10.000 for entrance fee and IDR 2.000 for parking scooter.

The park is frequent by the locals as a place to celebrate the Pakelem ceremony held every full moon of Caka fifth year. Also known as Taman Narmada Lombok, this major tourism spot in Lombok houses a number of impressive replicated attractions giving you plenty of sites and objects to discover. Expect to view heritage places like the the Pura Kalasa Temple, Balai Petirtaan Spring, the Bancingah Hall, Kelasa Temple as well as the iconic Lingsar Temple.

The name Narmada was taken from one of the sacred rivers in India, Narmadanadi, matching the concept of this garden in Narmada Park Lombok. The park which has a Hindu temple and fountain called The Fountain of Youth is believed to bring longevity to any person who drink the water from the fountain. Definitely a unique sight to experience, a trip to Narmada Park Lombok with your loved ones will surely give a memorable journey of your Lombok getaway.Take home some souvenirs sold around the park’s area or choose to bring a water bottle to fill it with the water from the youth fountain. You can also learn great history of the heritage in Lombok by visiting the park and get perfect green-landscaped background photos while you are here.

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