Pink Beach

Located on the southeast corner of Lombok is a natural phenomenon known as Pink Beach Lombok, or Tangsi Beach. Apparently, there are only a handful (the exact number seems a little sporadic) of pink sand beaches in the world, a few of which are in Indonesia.

Pink Beach Lombok gets its pink tint from a natural mix of crushed, dead coral and white sand. Yes, the beach really is pink, and it’s worth checking out if you’re up for an adventure to Lombok’s remote east coast.

Pink Beach is a little far from the regular tourist beats of Kuta Lombok. In fact, you’ll find it tucked away in a small village locale of Sekaroh on the Ekas Peninsula.

Due to the remote location, getting here is a bit of a mission, but definitely possible on a DIY Lombok itinerary or through an organized tour.

In total, expect roughly 1.5 hours on the motorbike over a 55-kilometer stretch of both sealed and dirt road to get to Pink Beach from Kuta Lombok. You can rent a motorbike pretty much anywhere in Kuta Lombok. However, make sure you get a bike that can hold for the long journey.

You need paid IDR 50.000 per day for a good scooter. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice an old plastic tourism banner and a local fee-collector eager to collect your entry money. Currently, the Pink Beach Lombok entry fee is IDR 25.000 per person.

Of course, if you’re in a group or if you’d just prefer a guided tour, then you can also book a full day tour which visits the “Secret” South East Gili Islands and Pink Beach Lombok.

After relaxing after the long ride, you could go to check out the surrounding coastline cliffs. This is one of the favorite parts of visiting Pink Beach. I’d recommend walking around both sides to get a better view of the famous Lombok Pink Beach and for some amazing views of the nearby islands.

On the right side of the beach, you can walk all the way around to a hidden cave, which is hard to reach and involves a bit of swimming. There are also some small but epic jump spots into deep, clear water all around this side of the bay.

Immediately after climbing the left headland, you will find some amazing island. This coast is scattered with amazing view.

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