Pura Meru

Pura Meru is the largest temple on the  Lombok island. This temple has a quite unique temple architecture, which is Meru with a multilevel roof. Meru symbolizes the gods in Hinduism. Namely Brahma (creator god), Vishnu (guardian god), Shiva (God of destruction). According to history, Meru Temple was built in the 18th century by 33 villages on the island of Lombok.

Pura Meru is the most famous and biggest Hindu shrine on the Lombok Island. This temple was founded by Anak Agung Made Karangasem, around 1720. This place was built with the aim of uniting several places, which are usually used to negotiate and judge those who commit crimes. Until now, Meru Temple is not only a place of worship for Hindus, but also a popular tourist destination.

Even though Lombok Island is currently inhabited by residents who are predominantly Muslim, you can still find some ancient Javanese Hindu relics located on the main street of Cakranegara City. This temple has quite prominent features, so you will easily recognize this Lombok temple. From the main road you will see three storey meru, which soars with a black roof made of palm fiber.

To enter this temple you do not need to buy a ticket, but you can give a voluntary donation to care for the temple. The best time to visit Pura Meru is around 8 am – 6 pm.

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