Sade tradisional village

Sade Tradisional Village

Sade Tradisional Village

Lombok Island is popular for it’s wonderful beaches, exotic Gilis (tiny island), The waterfall, and Rinjani Mountain of course for it’s breath taking crater. However Lombok is also rich in cultural heritage. The Sasak Tribe who are the majority inhabitant of Lombok has lovely Culture and you still can see it in Sade Village. Sade Village located in central Lombok only 20 minutes from Lombok International Airport. Sade Village is easuly distinguishable from other villages in Lombok because of it’;s traditional houses. It’s not just the houses, you can also admire all aspect of the villagers here, including their dance and unique clothes. It is open daily. No entrance fee but you might give tip to the local guide. The traditional house of sasak tribe made from bamboo and thatched roof, making it a unique spectacle. Exploring through its tiny pathways between these old houses might invoke a nostalgic feeling so tome people and you need about 30 minues to explore all areas of this village. There was some show in Sade Village like Peresean fight, Gendang Beleq show, Amaq Tempengus Dance, Petuk Dance, and traditional Waving. The Peresean fight is not for the faint of heart. Peresean is a fight between two people who are armed with a baton and cowhid shield. They don’t intend to hurt each other, definetly, but they do swing their baton with all their might. Gendang Beleq show literally means big drum in sasak Language. It is the main musical instrument that is accompanied by gongs and flute. Amamq Tempengus Dance or local call it Cupak Gerantang Dance. It’s baasically a clown or jester dance. This dance was originally performed to cheer sholdier who were returning from a battle. Petuk Dance is performed by kids, usually about ten years old. It accompanied by Gendang Beleq, the dancer prances around to show his moves to the viewer. Traditional waving is main activity sasak woman do during the dry season. They are usullay make Songket the traditional cloths of Sasak Tribe. Sade Village is best recommendation to visit if you want learn about Lombok culture.

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