Sasak Ende Village

The house which was built with clay material mixed with buffalo dung became a scene in a small village in Rambitan Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Ende village is a village that is home to the Sasak tribe, a native of the Lombok Island. If you happen to be heading to Kuta Beach from Mataram, there is an information board that reads “Welcome to Sasak Village”.

Ende is a traditional village. The residents of this village do their daily activities by upholding the traditions that are still rooted in their ancestors. One activity that is maintained is the women’s obligation to weave. This skill must be mastered by women before marriage. And other unique habits of the people in Ende Village is to mop the floor using cow dung. Houses occupied by residents using earthen tiles coated with cow dung.

Residents will mop the floor of their house using cow dung when their tiles begin to crack. Mopping is usually done once a month. Cow dung used is also not arbitrary. Residents will use the manure that has just been released by the cow.

Around Ende Village did not take long time. Seeing thatched houses that characterize the Sasak tribe would certainly be an interesting sight. The sloping roof of the house is intentional so that guests who visit the house must bow their heads in homage to the owner of the house.

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