Segui Beach

Segui Beach in East Lombok or also popular as Pink Beach 2 by people around located far enough from Mataram capital is located in Sekaroh village, Jerowaru sub-district, East Lombok and you need around three hours to reach Segui Beach. It will be an exciting journey since along the road you will see many exotic green trees at rainy season. You will pass corn plantation owned by local people and Segui beach located hidden reversed the corn plantation.

This beach has pink sands, which formed due to the original color of white sand mixed with pink crushed coral .

Honeymoon at Segui Beach Lombok?

For a novel couple and want to enjoy the beauty of beach only you two together with your mate, then Segui Beach is highly recommended. Quiet and tranquil water made this place is very suitable for swimming only you two together. You will enjoy the sensation of swimming in a huge swimming pool with blue pure water. Wow, you will have an unforgettable experience forever then.

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