Tebing Beach

Another name is Pasir Hitam Beach and it is located in Sambi Bangkol Village, Gangga Sub-District. Aside from the beauty, the beach is well-known due to its history. It is said the beach became the witness of the wrath of the old Rinjani Volcano. The name “Tebing” means cliff and the locals named it that way due to the presence of a big cliff near to the shoreline! So, what is the beach good for?

The Nuance

As mentioned earlier, the most noticeable feature of the beach is the cliff, having the height of about 25 meters. The texture is unique and it looks quite majestic as well. No wonder, visitors are likely to take pictures in front of the cliff instead of in front of the coast. The next unique feature of Tebing Beach is its black sand! According to the locals, such exotic sand is the result of the eruption of the volcano back then. As for the sea, it features calm waves so visitors can enjoy swimming safely there.

Exploring Tebing Beach

The first thing to do in Tebing Beach is to explore the site. For instance, visitors can enjoy beach walking to their heart’s content. The sand has the exotic black color and it has the soft texture as well. Even it feels comfortable walking on it without sandals or shoes! Next, do not forget to approach the cliff located near to the coast. Most visitors take some pictures in front of it, so you should not miss such opportunity too.

What is more? Tebing Beach is popular among the locals for fishing. Several fishermen are even seen on the site due to the abundant fishes in the sea. As for tourists, they can enjoy fishing as long as they carry the fishing rod and prepare other requirements beforehand. Some spots are good for fishing, but not many visitors know them well. Have no worries. The locals may tell tourists regarding such spots as they are quite friendly to everyone.

The next unique charm of Tebing Beach is its variety of name. Some people call it Luk Beach while the others often call it Balihai Beach. Regardless of the names, it remains popular among tourists especially those who come to North Lombok Regency. Later, before going home, it is better to hear some story related to the cliff. The local guide or villagers would tell tourists about it, after all.

Best recommendation to get here is use scooter, later you will pay entrance fee and parking only around IDR 15.000 cheap enough for the scenery you will find here.

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